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What Can Voice Production Closet offer you?

About Jenna Birmingham

Jenna's production education began in 2006.
Over the years she learned how to use: 
Adobe Audition,  Cool Edit Pro, Finale, ProTools, Reason, and Soundforge.
She has had many successful mentors, tutors and teachers in the industry and she continues to hone her production skills.
 she was a regular unofficial assistant to a Production Director at Visionary Related Entertainment. she worked a temporary production job for Ron Jacobs at She was a sound designer at stigma black. she is currently a commercial producer for a production hub in Dallas.
When she was in college pursuing a certificate in Radio Production and a certificate in Music Entrepreneurship she spent a semester as an Adobe Audition tutor and then another semester as a volunteer in the Beginning Radio Production class where she coached reads, helped with microphone technique and helped students learn and work with Adobe Audition. 
She has coached reads out of dozens of clients.
In 2019 she started making demos for voice talent and has already gotten international clients.
In 2020 she became a Communicator Award winner for her production skills.

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I can produce, help direct you and we can work together to write your personal commercial demo in order to showcase YOUR strengths.
Tried making your own demo and need it sweetened up...I can help you with that.
I can write and produce audio for your commercials or podcast sponsorship spots.

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