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 Jenna's production education began at a 5 station radio group
(Visionary Related Entertainment) in Hawaii. 

She learned basic editing in Cool Edit Pro and Soundforge under the tutelage of Justin Cruz.
she was then taught how to create and edit files for on air use and in short time, she became a regular unofficial assistant to the Production Director Johnny Helm. While she worked almost full time in the Production Department she continued to get coaching from other Dj's so that she could learn more editing styles.
She moved on to work a temporary production job for Ron Jacobs at
When in college pursuing a certificate in Radio Production she spent a semester as an Adobe Audition tutor and A semester as a volunteer in the Beginning Radio Production class where she coached reads, helped with microphone technique and helped students learn the basics. 
In 2019 she started making demos for voice talent and has worked with international clients.
In 2020 she became an Award winning producer for the first time.
She is currently a Commercial Producer at a production hub with Audacy making thousands of commercials per year.
Production DemoJenna Birmingham

Jennifer has a certificate in Music Entrepreneurship and a certificate in Radio Production. 

She has had coaching from various top industry voices, producers and dj's.

Specialties: Customer Service. Adobe Audition. Proficient with Finale, Reason, Pro Tools, Soundforge.

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